Outsourced HR Department

  • Are your current HR needs sporadic?
  • Would you like access to an HR expert – but only when needed?
  • Is your current HR resource on leave?

When you are a small to medium-sized business owner, you have HR needs – but not all the time. Many of your HR issues and concerns can be taken care of on a part-time basis, a project-basis, or an on-call basis. Bailey Consulting Group can tailor HR support based on your needs and schedule.

Many of your HR needs can be efficiently and effectively filled by outsourcing. Projects can include the review and development of an employee handbook, to the design or redesign of a process or policy, to the development of action plans for the resolution of employee issues. Support can be provided in disciplinary or termination situations. Help can be made available to fill an open position from recruitment and interviewing to selection and onboarding.

Explore The Benefits

There is no need for you to stay up-to-date with all the details involved with HR legal issues when you have a relationship with Bailey Consulting Group. Outsourcing your HR needs will let you focus on your core business, as well as ensure compliance with employment laws. Outsourcing your HR needs can also save you money, as well as time. You’ll have access to HR expertise, when you need it, and at a level of expertise not necessary on a full-time basis.

Your day-to-day HR questions can be easily answered quickly and easily. You can verify the accuracy of statements made by your employees like “Breaks are required by law”. You can brainstorm solutions to sticky employee relations situations. You can be talked through the risks of terminating an employee.

Having an outsourced HR department, or simply having HR expertise available – but only when you need it – can benefit you, your employees and your organization.