HR Coaching & Mentoring

  • Would it be helpful to be coached through a complex employee issue?
  • Would you like to develop one of your existing employees into an HR professional?
  • Do you need an objective, third party to bounce things off of?
  • Do you have an employee who is doing payroll and could use some additional HR direction?
  • Would it be helpful to have some temporary support when developing a new HR initiative?

Coaching and mentoring – on an as-needed basis – can be useful in various situations.

When dealing with a complex, sticky employee relations issue, it can be difficult to remain objective, and make unbiased, logical decisions while caught up in the emotional turmoil of the situation. When the employee in question has been involved in issues in the past, this can be especially problematic. Giving effective feedback in a negative situation can be challenging. The words used and documentation created can be very important, and potentially work for you – or against you – if things go badly. Utilizing a third-party HR consultant, who can help instruct, train, guide and/or coach you through these tough situations (that are not encountered every day) can help to ensure the situation is handled with minimal risk and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. We can help plan the conversation, define the purpose, and ensure a goal is set. There are right ways and wrong ways to tackle a complex, sticky employee relations issue, and it is important that you don’t say something that can be used against you in court.

When Mentoring Might Be Useful

Mentoring can be a convenient and beneficial approach to use in a couple of situations. Even when your HR responsibilities are being handled, there may be times when you find that your HR needs require a little more time, attention or expertise than your existing HR professional can handle. Or possible your existing HR professional is fairly new to the HR field, and simply in need of more HR resources and knowledge. Mentoring that employee and developing him or her into a HR professional can not only help the organization, but provide a career path.