Employee Relations Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

  • Do you have any “people problems” keeping you up at night?
  • Is there a “sticky” situation you’d like to run by someone?
  • Have any of your employees threatened to call a lawyer or sue you?
  • Do you have new hires that don’t come back after lunch the first day?
  • Has one of your better employees surprised you with a resignation?
  • Is the turnover in one of your departments or company too high?
  • Do you need an “On Demand” Human Resource expert?

Most small to medium sized organizations find they don’t need a full time HR department. Bailey Consulting Group can assist you on an “as needed” basis and help with your Human Resources needs through problem solving and troubleshooting,

Employee Relations issues can take up a large part of your day when things aren’t going well. Without realizing it, your less-than-stellar employees could be getting all of your attention. Sometimes it can be a good idea to talk with an objective HR expert to help pinpoint the root cause of these employee relations issues. There are usually multiple approaches to solving most “people problems”.

We’re Here For You

Call Bailey Consulting Group for your HR challenges and “people problems”. We can help your business overcome these issues through consultation, coaching and training if desired. Our HR expertise can be tailored specifically to meet the exact needs of your business. Business owners and executives understand that Human Resource management is becoming more complex every day. This increasing HR complexity brings ever-increasing problems and challenges that can distract even the most focused management team and prevent optimal HR outcomes.