Employee Investigations

  • Do you know when an employee investigation is appropriate?
  • Would a third party eliminate any suggestion of a biased conclusion?
  • Do you have any one in-house who is trained in conducting employee investigations?

It is important not only to know when an employee investigation is needed, but that it is done effectively and fairly. Employee investigations are appropriate when one of your employees feel like they have been harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against. They are also appropriate when you have complaints of serious workplace problems, or suspected misconduct. When policies are violated or rules are broken, you want to make sure you have all the facts before any disciplinary action is taken. An investigation will support the fairness and soundness of any final decision.

In conducting an investigation, Bailey Consulting Group will plan the investigation strategy including the scope and purpose. Decisions will be made about not only who to interview, but in what order. The location of the interviews can also be important. The complainant might be more comfortable talking with a third party as opposed to an internal employee. The complainant might also feel more comfortable sharing any concerns regarding retaliation with a third party, which could minimize risk. After the conclusion of the investigation, follow-up can include making follow-up inquiries to confirm no further incidents, and suggestions to eliminate future occurrences.

Partner With an Expert

By hiring an outsourced HR expert for your employee investigation needs, you can feel comfortable that you are relying on someone who knows employment laws, who knows what constitutes harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and who knows what questions to ask and what evidence is necessary. An outside investigator will eliminate conflict of interest concerns, and will not be tainted by past interactions with the complainant. Keeping any acquired information confidential is also easier with a third party.